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CECE (Pronounced: See See) comes from the word ‘strands’ in Cantonese. Each strand of nest details the meticulous workmanship that goes into the preparation of our products. 

At CECE, we are revolutionising bird’s nests to be convenient and of everyday consumption. We believe that true beauty comes from within. Like a bud slowly growing, not yet showing its loveliness to the world. Still, once it blooms, revealing it's exquisite center where the source of aroma and nectars all from within. 

Our beauty works the same way.


As a woman that is out in the working field or even homemakers, we wear multiple hats everyday.
 Wife and mom, boss or employee, daughter and friend; we balance ourselves, juggling and keeping everything on track. All these may be overwhelmed. Take a pause and tend to yourself before tending others.

Everyone deserves to be youthful, love and indulge yourself.